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NARS Duo Concealer, Caramel / Amande

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  • Skin Type: Any
  • Foundation Skin Tone: Light
  • Type: Concealer
  • health and fitness/weight loss
  • careers/resume writing and advice
  • sports/bodybuilding

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The full story about NARS Duo Concealer, Caramel / Amande

By our senior writer: Mathew Carter

Today is a exciting day for me because I get to review the NARS Duo Concealer, Caramel /! I am long time beauty writer, blogger and reviewer Mathew Carter and you might know me from some of my other reviews. I've written for example about the Pureology Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner Set, 33 Oz by Pureology and the DNAffirm - Dog Breed DNA Test - Canine Breed Identification Test DNAffim - DNA Testing by Proactive or maybe you have heard of the editorial piece I did on the La Marine Francaise Dans La Mer Noire Et La Baltique. T2 (Ed.1856-1857). Anyway, I have quite a lot experience trying out beauty and recommending only the best to my readers. Therefore I was really happy when this product came on my path.


Since 2012 I've been watching NARS1 so I am really excited that I am finally able to try the NARS Duo Concealer, Caramel / and writing this review for you guys. While searching for the best deal on this product I stumbled across this offer on Walmart (You can buy it here.) and I immediately jumped on the opportunity. So I got my creditcard out and placed my order. With the standard same day delivery and free shipping it really is a bargain compared to the competitor brands and retailers. Later that day when my NARS Duo Concealer, Caramel / was delivered I opened it and was overjoyed with what I saw. I might sound a bit biassed being a longtime NARS customer but this product really steps it up quite a bit, which is immediately noticeable when opening the package. Now that I've been testing it for a couple of days now I feel like I know enough about the NARS Duo Concealer, Caramel / to write this review. So keep reading and I will show you why I am so enthusiastic about my brand new NARS Duo Concealer, Caramel /.

Best NARS Duo Concealer, Caramel / Amande deal


I mostly begin with a summary when reviewing beauty, then I write a list of the positive and negative points of the product after which I'll explain my rating and have a conclusion and of course the resources I used writing this article. So as made clear in the previous paragraphs, I am quite fond of the NARS Duo Concealer, Caramel /. NARS really went all out with this one. The quality is unmatched, and to be honest; it just looks amazing. I know looks aren't the most important aspect of beauty, but it does need to be talked about. And I'm sure it will when more people start to look at this masterpiece. The price alone that Walmart offers was and is by far the lowest, and should be enough reason to grab your wallet so make sure to check them out. I did test a lot of similar products before, I must admit none come even close to the NARS Duo Concealer, Caramel /. Just the functinality alone leaves all competition in the cold and the quality also proves to be up there. The customer service of NARS2 is known to always be very happy to assist if you have any question so if you ever need them they'll be really tolerant and helpful in looking for a solution. So just a quick recap; only good things to say about the NARS Duo Concealer, Caramel / Amande. Do finish this article tho because you there is sort of a surprise in the end!


The list of pros of this NARS Duo Concealer, Caramel / is going to be much longer than the conslist and the description3 this site gives already lists them quite well. To quote just an excerpt: "

  • Skin Type: Any
  • Foundation Skin Tone: Light
  • Type: Concealer
  1. NARS Duo Concealer
  2. Skin Type AnyFoundation
  3. LightType
  4. The quality is unmatched.
  5. The looks are stunning.
  6. The price of $15.99 is a bargain compared to the competition.
  7. NARS is leading the market when it comes to beauty.
  8. The durability is great, so it's good for the environment.
  9. No other product coming out in this price range will be comparable for the coming months if not years.


When thinking of cons for the NARS Duo Concealer, Caramel / I had a way harder time. Sure, lower prices is always better4 and do you really need this premium quality? That's for yourself to decide. Here is the list:

  1. Maybe the way the product looks is not to your taste.
  2. It's a premium product so maybe you don't need this level of quality.
  3. The NARS Duo Concealer, Caramel / is so popular that soon everybody will have one.

Best NARS product in years


Considering everything I wrote before you won't be surprised that I give the NARS Duo Concealer, Caramel / Amande 5 stars, 10/10 an and an A++. In reviews I've read by professionals5 saying that it's just too good to be true I found that they maybe were a bit envious of the success of NARS and they just can't comprehend the awesomeness of the NARS Duo Concealer, Caramel /.


Verdict and Conclusion

If you are in the market for a new NARS Duo Concealer, Caramel /. Walmart has really made it easy for you6. You can buy the NARS Duo Concealer, Caramel / HERE for the unbeatable price of $15.99. This product really is worth every cent and you will not regret it for an instant. I've really tried to be completely fair in this review but if you still don't trust it, feel free to check out other reviews, they will tell you no different. All I can say is that I wholeheartedly recommend the NARS Duo Concealer, Caramel / Amande to anyone and their mothers. But enough praise for NARS. Just buy it and enjoy your new NARS Duo Concealer, Caramel / Amande!

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